Herbal Cigarettes

15 Jan

Post today I tried to post using English while still using the software help ya … reckoning for adding SEO on Google. Posting this time I will discuss Herbal Cigarettes neighbor, was surfing on google neighbor herbal cigarettes we simply refer to the discussion. 


Herbal cigarettes are cigarettes made of dozens of herbs processed into tobacco compound that option to be able to neutralize Cigarette tar and nicotine content. 

Potion that also serves as a herbal medicine health therapy is a traditional herbs and spices that serves circulation, clearing toxins in the body, especially the respiratory tract, throat, and lungs. 

Herbal Cigarettes taste in general is a typical sense of cigarettes ever made and enjoyed by the Kings and the Majapahit kingdom spread all over the world in his time. Of course in accordance with the taste characteristics smokers Archipelago.

Herbal Cigarettes According to sources working with the principle of the body’s blood circulation so many Khasiatnya. among others:

1.      Low nicotine, smokers are relatively safe from illness and heart disease.

2.      Tar potion, smokers are relatively safe from the pain Lung and respiratory tract. 

3.      Neutralize the harmful substances contained in tobacco. 

4.      Diabetes cure, Liver, Stomach, digestion, kidneys, impotence. 

5.      Smoke which is inhaled to counteract the poisons contained in the blood and organs. 

6.      Normalize blood pressure, cure drug addiction, Ganja, Liquor. 

7.      Pressing cholesterol, uric acid, and Blood Sugar smokers. 

8.      Help alleviate and cure diseases Herbalusitis and polyps. 

9.      As GURAH (toxic leak found in lungs and blood) through the mouth, nose and ears. 

Cure disease and relieve asthma, and others.

10.  Because it is reacting with chemicals, some things that may happen during or after sucking Herbal Cigarettes

What can Herbal Cigarettes really merit that? If yes why smokers do not switch to this Herbal Cigarettes?.



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