Master Secret reviews PHP Tricks Exposed Again

15 Jan

Title Works Review: Arif Usman 

Book Title: Secret Master PHP Tricks Exposed Again 

Author: Lukmanul Hakim 

Publisher: Lokomedia 

Thickness Book: 184 Pages 

Publisher Year: 2009 

Price:  IDR 44,800 

This book is a book that examines the PHP programming neighbors in the website. PHP is a scripting programming language used to create and design a Web site, PHP is used to program a web site to be a dynamic website, although not closed the possibility for another use. In the book of information beisikan tricks and secrets of a programmer to create the Web Design using PHP.

The book “The Secret Master PHP Tricks Exposed Again” is a continuation of the previous PHP book is “The Secret Trick Unloading MASTER PHP” and “Becoming a Master Shortcut PHP”. And by the end of 2009 a writer Lukmanul Hakim practitioners and Programing Web Design, an alumnus of the Masters in Information Technology GMU publish another PHP book is “The Secret Masters PHP Tricks Exposed Again” to the public so that people can understand clouds and understand how to create websites with ease.

In the book the author makes a Chapter 7 in each chapter there are 8-10 tricks. CHAPTER outlined in this book are: 
• Create Paging More Style 
• Textarea Editor Ms Word style 
• Project Making Beautiful Photo Gallery 
• Project Making a Friendly Online Store 
• Peel the renovation Making Web-based PDF reports 
• Security and Aplikatifnya Case Study 
• Update Project CMS worth Rp. 34 Million 

In Chapter 1 the author discusses neighbor Style Make Over Paging. What is Paging?, Paging is the concept of data showing the amount of data per page perhalamannya the desired result, an example PHP script to display per page 5 data. In this chapter, the author teaches how to create paging by using many styles of teaching style is a model paging Flickr, Gradient model paging, paging Amazon model, background model paging and paging two images obtuse angle models. 
Chapter 2 the author examines his neighbors how to create a textarea editor Ms Word style. Textarea own understanding is a place or space to store the text in a new area, but the textarea is writer how clouds can write words or sentences and words can be bold, tilted, or can set the font and sizenya. 

The solution provided the author with WYSIWYG (What You See Is What you Get) editor that enables a user to specify the format, size and type font, add hyperlinks and taebl and can also upload files, images, flash animation and video. 


In Chapter 3 of this book the author discusses his neighbors Project Photo Gallery Make a Beautiful is where a website can display photos or images in accordance with the album (the category of a photograph) and photographs contained in the album (photo gallery). The author will present a step by step. 


The next chapter is Chapter 4 which examines on how to Create a Friendly Online Store. Shop online at the internet’s rampant one of the famous online store in the virtual world is online stores on the internet known as e-commerce. 
Electronic commerce, or better known as e-commerce is the distribution, purchase, sale, marketing of goods and services through electronic systems such as the Internet or television, www, or other computer networks. E-commerce can involve electronic funds transfer, electronic data interchange, automated inventory management systems, and automatic data collection systems. 

chapter 4 there are 12 tricks that deals with the preparation of which makes the online store starts from understanding the process flow of e-commerce systems, database design online store, menampilakan latest products, making the shopping cart, update your shopping cart, remove products in your shopping cart, to accommodate the data customer, customer data input, data menampilakn order, change order status, online store design online store and admin. 

Chapter 5 in this book tells the development of a Web-based PDF reports. PDF (Portable Document Format) a file format used to represent two-dimensional documents that include text, fonts, images and two-dimensional vector graphics. 
Constraints from the web programmer according to the author is presenting the report, especially regarding issues kerapihan formatting, printing, paper size, header / footer that should exist in each page, change pages and page numbering. But the author gives tips for overcoming that all applications that used in making these reports using PDFlib, FDPF, dompdf and ezPDF. 


The next chapter is chapter 6 the author discusses about the Security and Aplikatifnya Case Study. Inside the building or create a website should know the weak point of the website that made that website is not in the hacker or cracker. The author provides information on how to make folders so that admin is not easy to be tracked by others, using a unique way, a folder called admin with a unique name contok folder so adminweb be hackers 4dm1nw3b not easy stuffing.

Another problem is the host of this book is a comment on an article. To avoid excessive spam the authors give tips to create a security using a captcha. Captcha is a form of challenge-response test (challange-response test) is used in computing to ensure that the answers are not generated by a computer. Chapter 6 of this nature there are 14 tricks. 


Chapter 7, the last chapter of this book is to discuss about CMS Project Update worth Rp. 34 Million. CMS is software that allows anyone to add and / or manipulate (change) the contents of a Web site. Typically, a CMS (Content Management System) consists of two elements: 

  • content management applications (Content Management Application, [CMA])
  • content delivery applications (content delivery application [CDA]).

Benefits of CMS used for 

  • Website company, business, organization or community. 
  • Portal 
  • Photo galleries 
  • Applications E-Commerce. 
  • Managing personal website / blog. 

Chapter 7 is the author also tips and tricks mengakat Security Update menegnai, Swingers Templates., Horizontal Menu Making Technique, Technique Making the dropdown menu (sub menu), Auto Link, RSS Aggregator,. Statistics Online, Calendar, Data Validation, Shoutbox ( Mini Chat), Emoticon Smiley. 

Felt that the book Tricks Secrets Exposed Again Master PHP is very useful and complete for the cloud as well as those who are learning PHP, in this book all the Secret Trick Master PHP has presented live independently of how we utilize this knowledge.


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